About goaffpro

Last updated: Dec 2018

Our Story

GOAFFPRO initially began as a simple affiliate tracking solution for our private shopify clients. We were looking for a referral tracking app which allows us to emulate the functionality of Amazon Associates Program. The existing solutions on the shopify app store were too expensive and had terrible affiliate experience. So we decided to write a modern web 2.0 affiliate tracking solution and so goaffpro was born.

Over time many new features were added like partner portal, site stripe, analytics etc. The app gave our shopify clients a major boost in their ecommerce revenue. So we decided to release the app as on the shopify store for easy installation.

Since the release we have seen tremendous response from the community. Our users are loving the easy-to-use, reliable, zero maintenance well designed app.

We are immensely proud of GOAFFPRO. It is a dream realized for us. We can’t wait to hear how GOAFFPRO helps you build a successful affiliate program and grow your business. It's a win win for everyone.

Our Team

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