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Step 1

Install the admin app on your e-commerce store

Step 2

Set up commissions you want to give your affiliates

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Step 3

Watch your revenue grow as affiliates send referrals to your store

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For affiliates

Step 1

Sign up (or login) on our affiliate platform

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Step 2

Join affiliate programs of various stores and get links to promote their products

50,000+ merchants

Step 3

Earn commissions when your customer make purchase on the merchant's store


Affiliate tracking

Advanced affiliate tracking from landing to conversion
Referral Link generator for affiliates
Site stripe to quickly share referral links
Automatic payouts through PayPal Payouts


Custom Branded Affiliate Portal
Affiliate Portal under your own domain
Affiliates never leave your website
Google and Facebook login for quick signups


Meaningful analytics for actionable insights
Use of Machine Learning and AI to optimize growth
Available for both affiliates and your admin dashboard
Full range of graphs and metrics available

Multi Level marketing

Multi Level chains with unlimited breadth and depth
Limit commission distribution to levels
Network links for affiliates to recruit others and build teams
Compensation plan builder for advanced mlm plans

Why us ?

Over the last 1 year, we have onboarded more than 50,000 stores, who went on to recruit more than 2,800,000 affiliates which generated $250 million in sales revenue over 2.4 million orders earning $35 million in commissions.






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