Case Study (Binoid CBD)

About the Company:

Binoid offers high-quality products made using hemp-derived CBD and Delta-8 THC. They source hemp plants from local farmers in Oregon. Their manufacturing facility is both cGMP and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

They carefully formulate their products to achieve a broad-spectrum cannabinoid formula to preserve cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC during extraction. Additionally, their products are THC-free.

They sell products like vapes, vape cartridges, gummies, oils, tinctures, dabs, and more. Binoid was launched by Elan Lipin back in 2018.

Website : Binoid

Binoid Main Page


The merchant had various requirements for setting up their affiliate program. They wanted to set up different commission rates for products and affiliates in their program. They also wanted to offer their affiliates lifetime commissions.

They wanted to provide their affiliates with coupon codes to use in promotions. Additionally, they wanted to provide referral analytics to their affiliates. They were also looking to set up a multi-level network for their program, which would allow their affiliates to recruit newer affiliates.

The merchant was also looking to provide affiliates with promotional media for use in their promotions. They also wanted to prevent awarding commissions on self-purchases made by the affiliates. Finally, they were also looking for integration with email marketing apps.


Using GoAffPro, the merchant did get the required features to set up their affiliate program. Our app does offer the option to set up different commission rates for products and affiliates. There is also the option to set up lifetime commissions for affiliates.

Our app also offers the option to generate coupon codes for affiliates to use in their promotions. Also, there is the option to showcase advanced analytics to affiliates in their account dashboard. The app also provides the feature to set up a multi-level affiliate network for the program.

Furthermore, the app also gives the option to upload promotional media for affiliates. There is also an option to prevent affiliates from earning commissions on their self-purchases. Our app also offers third-party integration with various email marketing apps like Klaviyo, MailChimp, etc.

Affiliate Portal Customization

Brand primary color

GoAffPro provides the option to set the brand's primary color, which the merchant used, to customize the color of the buttons and the header image in their affiliate portal.

It will apply to the landing page, signup page, login page, and affiliate dashboard.

Advanced analytics

The merchant also enabled the advanced analytics tab in the affiliate dashboard. It adds the analytics tab to the affiliate dashboard and displays advanced referral analytics to affiliates.

Affiliates can use this analytical data to improve or refine their promotional activity.

Widgets and analytics

Our app also offers the option to add widgets to the affiliate dashboard. These widgets can display vital data points to affiliates regarding their referral activity.

The merchant used this to showcase the product sold widget and the traffic source widget to affiliates in their dashboard.

Referral Commissions

Affiliate commissions

The merchant also wanted to set up different commission rates for the affiliates in their program. They used the affiliate commissions option to set up different rates for affiliates.

It allows them to have different types of affiliates working in their program.

Product commissions

Our app also offers the option to set up different commission rates for products in the program. The merchant used the product commissions option to set different rates for products in their program.

It allows them to set different commission rates for products per their margins.

Recurring Commissions

The merchant wanted to offer their affiliates lifetime commissions from the customers they referred to the store. For this, they enabled the customer-affiliate connect option.

It connects the customer to the affiliate who referred them. This option allows all future purchases made by the customer to get attributed to the connected affiliate.

Additionally, they enabled the automatic connection option, which automatically connects the customers to the affiliate when the sale gets recorded in our app.

Multi Level Network

Our app also offers a multi-level network option that allows affiliates to recruit newer affiliates under them and earn commissions on the sales referred by their downlines.

The merchant used this option to set up a two-level multi-level network for their affiliate program. The network link, by which affiliates recruit newer affiliates under them, is displayed to them within their dashboard.

Additionally, they set the commission calculation method for the level commissions earned by parent affiliates as dynamic, which gets calculated as the percentage of the sale commission.

Referral Coupons

The merchant also set up and enabled the automatic coupons option, which generates coupon codes for affiliates. It generates coupon codes for affiliates automatically when they register in the program.

Affiliates can share these coupon codes in their promotions. As our app also supports coupon code tracking, any sale made using affiliate coupon codes will get attributed to them.

Creative Media

The merchant also used the creative media option to provide promotional media to their affiliates. The merchant uploaded product images that affiliates can use in their promotions.

Affiliates can access the creative media files from within their dashboard. They can download the files or share them using the quick share options.

Post Checkout Popup

Our app also offers the option to show a popup to customers on the order status page (thank you page) after they have completed their checkout. The popup informs customers about the affiliate program and allows them to join it.

The merchant used this option to set up a post-checkout popup using the simple popup style. The popup displays brief information about the program and links to the signup page of the affiliate portal.

Disable Commission for Self-Referral

The merchant also wanted to prevent their affiliates from earning commissions from the self-purchase they made in the store.

They enabled the "Disable commission for self referral" option that prevents self-referral purchases from getting recorded in the app.

The app flags a self referral purchase if the customer email address in the order matches the affiliate email address registered in the program.

Klaviyo Integration

Our app also offers an integration option with Klaviyo. The merchant used this to sync the affiliate emails to a list in Klaviyo. They can then create email campaigns and send them to affiliates directly using Klaviyo.

The app automatically syncs affiliate emails and details like their names, coupon codes, and social media profiles to the connected list.


Binoids has been using GoAffPro for over three years now. They have been able to set up and run their program successfully. Their program has received a great reception. They have over 9900+ affiliates in their program, whose referral sales have bought them over seven figures in revenue.


Affiliate Portal Customization

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Referral Commissions

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Recurring Commissions

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Multi Level Network

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Referral Coupons

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Creative Media

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Post Checkout Popup

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Disable Commission for Self-Referral

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Klaviyo Integration

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