Case Study (Green Soul)

About the Company

Green Soul offers quality seating products to customers. They offer premium quality office chairs delivered right at the doorstep of their customers. Their chairs allow people to achieve the best possible posture, as they provide adequate support and encourage dynamic movement.

Also, their products are focused on giving comfort, support, design, and durability to customers. They sell products like office chairs, executive chairs, gaming chairs, multi-purpose tables, and more. Ravi Khuswani is the founder of Green Soul.

Website: Green Soul

Green Soul Main Page


The merchant had several requirements while setting up an affiliate program for their store. As they offer different categories of products, they wanted to set up different commission rates for them. They also wanted to set up coupon codes for affiliates to share with customers.

They also wanted to customize the affiliate portal by setting up a custom domain name and making basic customizations. Additionally, the merchant wanted to set up a custom signup page and use it to collect information from the affiliates like their social media profiles, address, etc.

The merchant also wanted to set up a custom welcome email for affiliates. Finally, the merchant was also seeking third-party integrations with email marketing apps.


Affiliate Portal Customization

Custom domain name

The merchant used the custom domain name option to set up a custom name for their affiliate portal. The affiliate portal name that the affiliate set was:

Custom legal pages

GoAffPro also offers the option to customize the terms and conditions and privacy policy pages. The merchant used this option to set up their own terms and conditions page for their affiliate program.

Transaction tab

The merchant also used the dashboard tabs option to enable the transactions tab for affiliates. It allows affiliates to view a transaction log of their account balance from within their dashboard.

Brand primary color

Our app also offers the option to set up a brand primary color for the affiliate portal. It will get reflected in the color of the buttons on the affiliate portal pages and the header image of the landing page. The merchant used this option to set up a custom color as per their brand.

Signup Page Customization

Signup page style

Our app also offers the option to customize the signup page of the affiliate portal. The merchant selected the modern style layout for their signup page. It also allowed them to set up a banner beside their signup form on the registrations page.

Additional signup fields

The merchant further customized the signup page by adding additional signup fields to the signup form. They also created new signup fields. It allows them to obtain more information from their affiliates.

They set up fields such as Instagram follower count and engagement rate to get more information on the Instagram profiles of their affiliates. Similarly, they added the Youtube subscriber count field for the Youtube profile of affiliates.

Affiliate Commissions

Our app also offers the option to set up different commission rates for product categories or collections. The merchant used the collection commission option to set up different rates for the product collections in their store.

Also, these collections get synced automatically with the app. When the merchant adds a new product to the collection, the app automatically syncs that.

Referral Coupon Codes

The merchant also set up the automatic coupons option, which automatically generates coupon codes for affiliates. Affiliates earn commissions on the sales made using their coupon codes.

Also, the merchant set up a custom style for the coupon codes. This way, coupon codes of affiliates get generated in that custom style.

Welcome Email

Our app also offers the option to send a welcome email automatically to affiliates. The merchant used this option to set up a custom welcome email for affiliates in their program.

They used the email template editor to add a welcome message to the email and showcase a table with the commissions set in the program.

Third-Party Integration

The merchant also integrated Klaviyo with the GoAffPro app. With the Klaviyo integration, all the affiliate emails get synced with a list in Klaviyo automatically. The merchant can then use Klaviyo for sending out emails to affiliates.


Green Soul have been using GoAffPro for over a year now. They have been able to build their affiliate program as per their specifications. Their program has seen substantial growth. They have over 150+ affiliates in their program, whose referral sales have brought them over six figures in revenue.


Affiliate Portal Customization

Custom domain name: Link

Custom legal pages: Link

Additional dashboard tab: Link

Brand primary color: Link

Signup Page Customization

Signup page style: Link

Additional signup fields: Link

Create new signup fields: Link

Affiliate Commissions

Setup collection commissions: Link

Referral Coupon Codes

Automatically generate coupons: Link

Set discount value for coupons: Link

Set coupon code style: Link

Welcome Email

Setup welcome email: Link

Third-Party Integrations

Setup Klaviyo integration: Link