Case Study (St. Tropica)

About the Company

St. Tropica offers natural and organic hair care products to customers. All their products are certified cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny) and vegan (PETA). The ingredients used in their products are 100% environment friendly and sustainably sourced.

Also, they hold a high score of (#1 of 10) on the Skin DeepĀ® cosmetics database. They sell products like shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, vitamins, and more. Tianna Jaisard and Sean Carolan co-founded St. Tropica.

Website: St. Tropica

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The merchant had several requirements while setting up their affiliate program. They wanted to set a strict invite-only model for their program, where affiliates get invited into the program only from their end.

Also, they wanted to showcase more information to affiliates on the sales that they refer to the store. Since they offer different types of products, they also wanted the option to set different commission rates for them.

Additionally, they wanted advanced sales settings for their affiliates, such as only giving them a commission on referring new customers, disabling commission on self purchases made by them, and more. Finally, they also wanted an option to manage different types of affiliates in the program.


Using GoAffPro, the merchant did get the options to set up the affiliate program as per their requirements. Our app did offer the merchant a custom solution to make their program invite-only.

Additionally, our app provides the option to display order details to affiliates for the sales they have referred. It also gives the merchant various options for customizing their affiliate portal. These include setting up a custom portal name, setting custom legal pages, etc.

Furthermore, it also lets the merchant set up different commission rates for products and affiliates. The app also has an affiliate groups option for managing different types of affiliates in the program. It also offers advanced sales options for affiliate commissions.

Affiliate Portal Customization

Invite-only customization

Our team built a custom solution for the merchant to make their program strictly invite-only. It allows the merchant to give their affiliates a passcode to enter at the landing page, which provides them access to the login page.

Custom domain name

GoAffPro offers the option to set up a custom name for the affiliate portal. The merchant used this option to set up a custom domain name for their affiliate portal. The portal name set by the merchant was:

They also used the affiliate portal alias option to set up another domain name for their affiliate portal.

Widgets and analytics

The merchant also used the widgets and analytics option to add the order details table to the affiliate dashboard. It allows affiliates to view additional information on the sales they have referred. It also displays the customer information to them.

Custom legal pages

Our app also offers the option to set up custom legal pages for the affiliate program. These include the terms and conditions page and the privacy policy page. The merchant used this to set up the custom legal pages for their program.

Affiliate Commissions

The merchant used different commissions options offered by our app to set up the commission structure within their program. They set up different rates using the product commission and collection commission options.

Similarly, they used these options to disable commissions on some products and collections by setting up a zero percent commission rate.

Affiliate Groups

Our app also offers the affiliate groups option, which makes it easier for the merchant to manage different types of affiliates. It enabled them to set up a separate commission structure for an affiliate group in the program.

They also used the commission modifier option within the group to disable the commission for a customer making a recurring product purchase by setting the modifier to adjust the commission by -100%.

Referral Sale Settings

Our app offers dedicated options to give commission to affiliates only for new customers or for disabling commission on self-purchases. The merchant enabled these options for their program.

These prevent their affiliates from earning commission on sales made by old/recurring customers. It also prevents affiliates from earning commission on their self-referral purchases in the store.

Additionally, they enabled other options such as "Include discounts" to calculate the affiliate commissions after deducting the discount total from the order and the "Exclude Shipping and Taxes" option to exclude the shipping fee from the commission calculation of the order.

Custom Notification Email

The merchant also set up a custom notification email address. After setting this, the notification emails of affiliates get sent through this custom email address.

It also allowed them to use the bulk email option to send emails to affiliates within the GoAffPro app.


St. Tropica have been using GoAffPro for almost three years now. They have been able to set up and run their affiliate program successfully. Their program has gotten a great reception. They have over 5,000+ affiliates in their program, whose referral sales have brought them over six figures in revenue.


Affiliate Portal Customization

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Affiliate Commissions

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Affiliate Groups

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Referral Sale Settings

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Custom Notification Email

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