Affiliate Groups

GoAffPro offers merchants the feature to create affiliate groups in their program. These groups can have their own commission structure, targets, boosters, multi-level network, etc.

It allows merchants to segment their affiliates into multiple programs. Also, this makes it easier for merchants to manage affiliates and make bulk changes to their commissions.

Affiliate Groups: This feature allows merchants to add affiliates into groups. Each group can have its own commission structure and configuration, which will apply to the affiliates who are part of that group.

How affiliate groups work:

GoAffPro provides this feature, allowing merchants to segment their affiliates into different groups. Our app offers various options for customizing affiliate groups. Here we take a look at them:


Each group can have its own commission structure. The group will have its own default commission. Additionally, merchants can set different product and collection commissions within the group.

There is also the option to set different commission rules and modifiers within the group. It allows merchants to make advanced customizations to the commission rate of affiliates who are part of the group.

Multi Level Network

Merchants can set up a multi-level network within the group with its own MLM-level rates. They can also set different MLM rates for products. It allows merchants to have multiple MLM networks within their program.

Affiliate Rewards

Our app also offers the option to set up rewards for affiliates. Merchants can set targets to award bonuses to affiliates when they complete those targets.

Similarly, they can set commission boosters to boost the affiliate commissions when affiliates achieve the set milestone. Additionally, merchants can use this to create a tiered commission structure.

Group Configuration

The affiliate groups option has plenty of configuration options available. Merchants can use these to customize the affiliate group as per their requirements.

These include options such as:

Furthermore, merchants can create and link signup pages, welcome emails, and membership plans to affiliate groups.

Automations: GoAffPro offers merchants the automation feature, where they can create automation to automate tasks in their program. They can use this to automate the tedious tasks in their program and save time.

How the automation feature works:

For example: The merchant can set the automation, where if an affiliate achieves a particular sales count or earning, they will get moved to a new affiliate group.

Similarly, actions such as giving out a discount code or awarding a bonus to the affiliate can be automated using this feature.