Affiliate Shop

GoAffPro offers merchants the affiliate store feature, allowing them to add a mini store to the affiliate dashboard. The mini store displays a list of store products to affiliates in their dashboard.

Merchants can use the affiliate shop to offer wholesale pricing on products to their affiliates. They also have the option to list non-retail products in the affiliate shop.

Furthermore, affiliates can use the affiliate shop to create checkout links and share them with their customers for one-click orders.

How does the affiliate store feature work:

The merchant can set up the affiliate store feature by generating a storefront access token in Shopify and setting it within our app. After this, the mini store will get displayed to affiliates on their dashboard.

How does the affiliate shop work for affiliates:

GoAffPro offers this feature, allowing merchants to display a mini store in the affiliate dashboard. Affiliates can use it to create checkout links or make purchases for themselves.

Additionally, merchants can select the products (by setting their sales channel) that they want to showcase in the affiliate store. It allows them to create products with custom pricing for the affiliate store.