Agencies & Sub_Id Tracking

GoAffPro offers affiliates and partner agencies the option to register themselves in the marketplace. The marketplace allows them to enroll as affiliates in stores that are using GoAffPro.

Additionally, it gives affiliates a dedicated dashboard where they can view the orders, traffic, and payouts of all the store programs where they are enrolled. Our app also supports sub-id tracking.

What is Sub_id tracking?

Sub_id is a query parameter added to the end of an affiliate link. It lets the affiliate know from where they are getting their conversions. When the sale gets recorded, the link's sub_id also gets recorded.

Affiliates can use this to identify which campaign or promotion is working well (getting them conversions) and use it to optimize their promotional activity or content.

Sub_id Tracking for Affiliate Links: GoAffPro supports sub_id tracking by default. They can be created and used dynamically by affiliates.

Let's say you have an affiliate with a unique store link:

Affiliates can create sub_id links like: etc.

Our app will record sales (made using these links) and attribute them to the affiliates. The sub_id of these conversions will also get reported.

How sub_id tracking works:

The affiliate can view the sub_id reported for the conversions and get insight into what link, post, or promotion led to the conversion. They can use this to optimize their existing content and create new content accordingly.

GoAffPro offers this feature to affiliates, allowing them to add sub_ids to their links and providing them the option to view sub_id on the conversions.

Affiliates can view the sub_id of conversions from the traffic tab or the order/sales report available on the page.

Sub_id Tracking for Agencies: Sub_id tracking is quite handy for affiliate/partner agencies. These agencies internally manage many affiliates. They use sub_ids to determine which affiliate of theirs referred the sale.

How does sub_id tracking work for agencies:

From the merchant's point of view, the sale gets attributed to the agency's account, and they pay the agency for these sales.

The agency (on their end) can examine the sub_ids to determine which affiliate referred the order and distribute the commission accordingly.