Co-branding and Merchandise

GoAffPro offers merchants the option to set up co-branding and similar partnerships with influencers. It allows them to sell special merchandise or items created in association with those influencers through their store.

With our app, merchants can set up special commissions for these affiliates or influencers with whom they have partnered. It allows them to reward these influencers with commissions if any of the co-branded products get sold.

Royalties: This feature allows merchants to reward affiliates or influencers with a commission if any co-branded merchandise gets sold in their store.

How the royalty (fixed commission) feature works:

GoAffPro offers this feature to make it easier for merchants to set up co-branding partnerships with influencers by setting a fixed commission (royalty) for them.

Merchants can set the royalty commission for the influencer with a product or a collection. They can also set up royalties to work only for referral sales, non-referral sales, or all sales.