Influencer Marketing

GoAffPro provides merchants with all the necessary features to facilitate influencer marketing in their programs. With our app, merchants can partner up with influencers and get them to promote their store products. In return, influencers get rewarded with commissions on the sales they bring to the store.

GoAffPro supports both referral link and coupon code tracking. It means our app can track sales referred either by an affiliate's referral link or their coupon code.

Referral Link: The referral link is a unique URL assigned to an affiliate, which directs the customer to the store. Affiliates can share their referral link with customers in their promotions.

How the referral link tracking works:

GoAffPro automatically generates unique referral links for affiliates that register in the program. It also offers features for customizing the referral links, like shortening the links or directing them to specific store pages.

Coupon Codes: Affiliates are assigned unique referral coupon codes for sharing in their promotions. Customers can use these coupons to get a discount on the purchases they make in the store.

How the coupon code tracking works:

GoAffPro offers the feature to generate coupon codes automatically for affiliates. Additionally, there are options to customize the coupons by setting usage limits, coupon code styles, discount types, and more.

Automatically Apply Discount: This feature allows the discount code of the affiliate to get applied automatically at the checkout for the customer. Our app also offers an automatic discount application feature.

How the automatic discount application feature works:

GoAffPro provides this feature, allowing affiliates to share their referral links with customers. When customers visit the store using affiliate links, their discount code gets applied automatically at the checkout.