Lead Capture

GoAffPro offers merchants the option to capture leads through a form on their store. Our app can capture the form data and attribute it to the affiliate who referred the customer.

What is lead capture?

When a visitor lands on a merchant's website and fills up the form, that visitor gets converted into a lead. It is fundamentally a method of gathering customer information without pushing them for an instant sale.

The collected customer information gets used to convert visitors into customers. Many businesses that sell services use the lead capture strategy to get customers.

After filling in the form, the company can use the customer's information to reach out to them, send a quote for their service, or offer details on the products or services they offer.

Form Referrals: This feature allows merchants to capture leads through a form in their store. Additionally, it will attribute the leads to affiliates who refer them.

How the form referrals feature works:

GoAffPro offers this feature allowing merchants to capture their form data and attribute the leads to affiliates.

Our app also provides various other features:

Automatic influencer credit: Our app also offers a feature where if the captured lead places an order at the store, the affiliate/influencer who referred them will get credited with that sale.

How this works:

This way, when the lead finally gets persuaded to purchase in the merchant's store, the affiliate who referred them earns a commission on that sale.

Lead Bonus: It offers the option to set a lead bonus for affiliates. The lead bonus is a bonus amount or commission that an affiliate will earn for referring a lead.

How this works:

Merchants can set the lead bonus to reward their affiliates/influencers for referring leads to their store. If any visitor visits the store using an affiliate's referral link and fills up the form, the affiliate earns a bonus.

Create & Embed forms in the affiliate portal: The app also provides the option to create referral forms in the app and then embed them within the affiliate dashboard.

How this works:

It allows affiliates to use the form (embedded in their dashboard) to input leads manually for the merchant's future remarketing. That way, when those leads make any purchase in the merchant's store (in the future), the affiliate will get credited for it.