Membership Site

GoAffPro offers merchants the option to charge a membership fee from the affiliates in their program. It allows the merchant to earn money from affiliates who want to enroll in their program.

By charging a membership fee from affiliates, merchants can provide them with perks, like higher commission rates, bonuses, creative media, or even personal guidance for promotions. These can make a paid membership worthwhile for affiliates.

Membership Plans: This feature allows merchants to create payment plans to charge a membership fee from affiliates who want to enroll in their program. Merchants can set multiple payment plans for their program.

How membership plans work:

Setup payment plan:

Merchant enables Membership plans and sets up the payment gateway (PayPal or Stripe) for it. They go to the Membership Plans tab and create payment plans from there.

How the membership fee gets charged:

GoAffPro offers this feature, allowing store merchants to charge a membership fee from their affiliates. Our app provides various customization options for this:

Merchants can create different types of payment plans, such as:

They can also set perks and descriptions for the plan, which is visible to affiliates on the membership selection page.

Additionally, it works with other GoAffPro features like affiliate groups, where affiliates selecting a specific membership plan will automatically get added to the linked affiliate group.

Furthermore, merchants can select which payment plan to display for the different signup pages they have created using the multiple signup pages feature.