Region-based Distributor Setup

GoAffPro provides merchants with the option allowing them to give commissions to specific affiliates on sales from a particular region or area.

With our app, merchants can create rules for affiliates to earn commissions on all the purchases made by customers from a specific shipping location.

Rule-based tracking: This feature allows merchants to create tracking rules for their program, where all the customer sales from a particular region will get attributed to an affiliate.

How rule-based tracking works:

How the rules get set in the program:

How the sales get tracked and attributed:

GoAffPro offers this feature, allowing merchants to set up region-based tracking for the affiliates in their program. Merchants can set tracking with rules like the customer's shipping state, postal code, and country.

After setting the commission rule, any customer sale in the store with the matching shipping address will get recorded by the app and attributed to the affiliate.